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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  December 5, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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winter wonderland. the first snow of the season has come to washington. folks, we remain under a winter weather advisory right now. good saturday to you.
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i'm craig melvin. for the third time in five years, d.c.s first snow fell december 5. snow started falling this morning and continued well into the afternoon. temperatures started in the low 40s and dropped throughout the day. fortunately, traffic was not a major issue this saturday since it's a weekend. we have team coverage on the snow. derrick ward is in maryland. elaine is in maryland. chuck bell is in the storm center. chuck, we'll start with you. how long is this going to last? >> we are at the beginning of the end. the winter storm warnings for the shenandoah valley have been dropped. we still have some for the d.c. metro popolitan area. prince william down toward stafford, it goes until 9:00
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p.m. temperatures have remained above the freezing mark. it's cut down on the amounts of snow received. most of the action has ended across the shenandoah valley. the last is moving into the washington drk area. the snow is shutting off. the clearing line will move our way. snowfall amounts, believe it or not, only.1 inch of snow. i'll show you pictured and the sunshine forecast for tomorrow. now, back over to you. >> well, we are out in germantown now. that's germanwn road you see. right now, it's just wet pavement. crews got out ahead of th storm and were able to treat it. there's a sidewalk that's slushy and rough.
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when it freezes, it might be treacherous. we caught up with people and for the most part, they are making the best of it. >> amanda is extremely disappointed, upset about the decision. we are all in shock. >> reporter: we will keep you posted on the weather as it becomes, as the storm event continues. as you can see, we had big, white, fluffy flakes. hopefully, this will be the rest of the evening's events. temperatures are going to drop. whatever is on the ground will likely freeze up. we expect it to get warmer later. >> hey, while i have you here, you have been out there for awhile, i understand. talk to me briefly about how it looked a few hours ago, versus how it looks now.
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>> reporter: visibility was less. there was big, fluffy flakes. when you are driving, it can affect your visibility. the temperature seemed to drop a bit. it's a bit colder than earlier. it's tbe expected as you get later in the evening. with less precipitation, it's less stressful to drive-through it. >> thank you, sir. we appreciate that. one of the hardest hit areas, northern virginia. the snow is starting to slow down a bit there. we are live in arlington tonight. how are things looking there now? >> reporter: it slowed down a bit and now it's picked up again. you can see all the snow flakes on me. they look like lit pieces of cotton candy. i'm estimating we probably got two to three inches. on the fence, you can see the snow that's untouched, sitng there.
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we really seen much of the same scene all over northern virginia today. this may be the one reason these kids wanted to go to school on saturday. it had the best slope in town. snow boards and sleds blanketed the springfield middle schoolyard. northern virginians woke up to big, fat flakes. >> caught me by surprise. >> reporter: many hit the roads anyway and kept a shopping center busy. >> it's what christmas is about. >> reporter: the metro area's first snowfall for the season. down in prince william county, it turned a neighborhood into a winter wonderland, quiet and peaceful. it was hard to find anyone who didn't welcome the first taste of winter. >> slipping. it's fun to play with.
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>> i was excited. i actually like snow. we were supposed to be in a parade this morning, but they got cancelled, so here we are. >> reporter: we have been driving all over northern virginia, down 66 west, 95 south. the main roads, the back roads. we haven't seen too many problems. a lot of people out and about, going about their business. haven't really caught a break, yet. we have to see what happens. craig, back to you. >> elaine, thank you. from maryland to virginia, meanwhile, in the district, the snow came fast and furious. tonight, the snowplows and salt trucks are out in full force. all 180 trucks will continue clearing snow and spreading salt as falling temperatures could make driving treacherous. if you are driving tonight, officials want you to give the
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vehicles plenty of room and be aware of the so-called black ice. it can look safe until you drive on it. we'll have more on the weather in a few minutes. meanwhile, the family of amanda knox plan to appeal her verdict. he was found guilty of the killing of her roommate. she was sentenced to 26 years in prison. her boyfriend was sentenced to 25 years. knox insists she had nothing to do with the crime. her family visited her in jail hours after the guilty verdict was read. again, they say they plan to appeal the verdict. one member of washington state's congressional delegation says he vows to have the verdict reviewed through international diplomatic channels. an early morning fire destroyed a building at tacoma park that stood for decades as a movie theater. the fire broke around 2:30 this
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morning on new hampshire avenue. it took several hours to contain it. it had a good run. it debuted as the allen theater. when flames broke out this morning, it was a clothing store. firefighters are trying to figure out how the blaze started. new developments in the trial. word that a juror might have not disclosed contact she had with the mayor. we'll talk about that. plus, going rogue comes to northern virginia. thousands brave the cold, the snow, the rain, the lines. they all wanted to see sarah palin and her family. also, the news just keeps getting worse for tiger woods. word tonight that another mistress may be lawyering up. dan, what's ahead in sports, buddy? >> talking hoops. going at it on the hardwood. the mountaineers going at .
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they fight it out for most favored feline status when news 4 at 6:00 continues.
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s well, as you can see, the rain and snow did not keep die hard fans from seeing sarah palin. the former gop vice president
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candidate signed copies of her new book, "going rogue." palin's husband, todd, her parents and trig were with him. some had been there since yesterday afternoon to see her. >> it's great being with these people. everybody has everything in common. >> we have been here all night. we made a lot of friends. it's great. it's our one opportune toy see sarah. my dad is a supporter but he's in japan, so i'm getting an extra copy for him. >> palin spent three hours signing copies of her boom. "going rogue" is amazon's best seller. baltimore mayor, sheila dixon may have taken part with her three years ago. according to the "baltimore sun"
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she was a winner in a sweep stakes sponsored by a city agency. a city worker was a key prosecution witness in dixon's trial. she was guilty for using thousands of dollars of gift cards meant for the poor. she remains on the job, but could be removed from office, if the conviction is related to her official duties. still ahead, tiger in more trouble. a fourth alleged mistress coming forward. folks continue to enjoy the first snow of the season. there was enough in some parts of the area to make snowmen. chuck has the full forecast, right after this.
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the owner of a russian nightclub is among four arrested today following a massive fire. at least 109 were killed and 130 injured. at this point, it looks like an out of control pyrotechniques started the fire. officials say the club did not have a permit to use indoor fireworks. a fourth woman who claims to have been more than just friends with golf great tiger woods has gone out and hired herself a lawyer now. tmz reports the cocktail
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waitress began seeing woods in orlando in 2004. she claims to have secretly visited him for two years. now, she's hired a lawyer to make sure her story is heard. several legitimate websites say it's possibly because she got hush money fm woods. today, martin o'malley, his wife and children gathered in the holiday spirit. they hope to inspire others to get their trees from one of maryland's 200 tree farms. the governor says buying local holiday trees gives families jobs. in case you hasn't heard or seen, it's a winter wonderland out there. the kids were out on the hills in full force in all kinds of
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sleds. kids are having thrilling kind of fun that only the snow can bring. here is the flip side. they enjoy is snow. they are going to school monday. >> that's all right. the snow is all that matters. it doesn't matr which day of the week it comes on. >> the roads weren't treacherous. not a lf ice out there. >> one of the easier snows you can have out there. officially, at the airport, .01 inch of snow. bob did not have to shovel today. outside, here we go. here is a check ott the great pictures we have seen. here is the city camera view of the snowy night in washington area. temperatures are in the 30s. there's a check, laura ellis in virginia. beautiful picture there. high temperature in washington jumped up in the 40s.
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it was 43 degrees when i got to work. the temperatures started to fall. there's rachel in virginia. seven inches there. jack, new market, virginia, a couple inches in that location as well. this beautiful saturday evening, we are in the 30s. 34 in fairfax,washington. that was the big part that was tricky. most places never dropped below the freezing mark. there's national airport with .01 inch. demas kus six inches. upper montgomery county, six inches. centerville, five and a half. over the po ttomac. nothing in st. mary'scounty. there's the last of it.
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snow flakes are flying with temperatures just above the freezing mark even though snow flakes will have little success in piling up additional snow. 90% of the snow you are going to get, you already have it in the yard. 30s in the east coast. 20s across the ohio valley. colder air is coming our way. skies are going to clear out overnight. temperatures below freezing in the morning. watch out for freezing slush late tonight into the early morning hours. the main area of low pressure moving off virginia case is headed out over the atlantic ocean throwing snow in new york and new england. it's where the traffic troubles are now. if you are traveling that way late tonight or early tomorrow, big-time flight delays. none the less, sunshine back tomorrow at fedex field. sunshine and 40 degrees tomorrow. hopefully that will snap the
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undefeated season. for us, sunshine tomorrow and rain coming in late on the daymond. another chance for rain tuesday night and wednesday morning. cloudy and cold tonight. snow ending before midnight. temperatures in the upper 20s to near 30. skies clear out lead iing to so icy spots first thing tomorrow morning. temperatures in the mid-20s. seven day forecast is a chilly one. with sunshine around, that will be all right. enjoy the sun while you can. we are going to have to watch for wintery weather late tuesday night into early wednesday with temperatures back into the 40s. >> thank you, sir. we appreciate that. coming up in sports, the west virgini
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what a finish. fifth ranked, man. maybe they proved they deserved . it was all on the line. a second straight big gis title and the perfect season. they have been distracted that head coach brian kelly could be leaving for notre dame. the perfect candidate for upset. bear cats clawed their way back into the game that's where we pick up the story. we're in pittsburgh. brian kelly, not going to south bend, just yet. tony pike, passed to armon.
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trying to squeeze his way in. they go on to score and add a two-point conversion. the freshman running back scores from five yards back. he broke a record. 194 yards and three touchdowns. this might have been the ball game. the extra point botched on the hold. pittsburgh's lead with 96 seconds to go. the bear cats have a shot. tony pike, how about this perfect pass? that is the game winner. they made theirs. 45-44, the final, cincinnati. victorious over pittsburgh. they are headed to a bcs game. in new jersey, taking on rutgers, first score. getting on the board first. takes the hand off. he's speedy and he can cut, too.
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breaks outside to put west virginia up, 7-0. pretty good way to start the game. 14-3, west virginia. rutgers quarterback struggling all day. you can see why. throwing the pick to sydney glovr. gives him six. he holds on to the victory over rutgers. their 15th straight win over the nights. it was the classic match up. the gorgetown played out exactly as advertised. they could have thrown it inside to greg monroe, each and every time, had they wanted to. this probably would have been the result. they only did it a few times. nine points into the game for the big guy. trying to make something happen. it was a respectable halftime. look at this. trapped ton baseline.
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in the second half, all georgetown. chris wright up and in. they roll, 73-46. gilbert arenas scored a high last night. he couldn't convert when it mattered most. the wizards lost to toronto. flip saunders called it the most disappointing of the season. we start in the extra frame. 30 seconds to go. earl tracks down the loose ball. i better hold up and wait for gilbert. wise decision. gilbert tied the game at 107, but with ten seconds left. taking control. ka ron butler in his face. he hits it. karon called him the british jordan. gilbert arenas could have gone for the three. he drives, expected contact and
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did not get it. the wizards fall to the raptors 109-107. florida losing, 19-13 in the fec championship game, 19-13 is the score as the second half just started. >> perhaps they are not invincible. >> we will see. >> we leave you tonight with a live look at the christmas tree at the capital. as you can see there, the flakes keep falling. we'll be back here at 11:00. "nightly news" is up next. until 11:that's the news. good night.
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